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Meditation #01

What is Meditation ?

An aura of mystery surrounds the word "Meditation". Some people think its purpose is to stop the mind, whilst others hope it will help them relax, and help them cope better with the stresses of life. Yet others see it as a path to clear-thinking and balanced action.

In the East however, Meditation is regarded as nothing less than a major tool, if not THE major tool for achieving Moksha, or Enlightenment.All the other benefits are just incidental improvements along the way. Meditation therefore can be both a tool for making your life in the world work better for you, AND a pathway to knowledge of your own eternal nature - IF you choose to walk it. If you are interested in the latter it helps if you possess a reasonable level of seriousness and commitment.

"Sean's simple steps to meditation opened a door to a place within me - which is actually within us all - where limitless peace resides. Quite simply it has changed my life forever." Gill Harman.

I teach two simple techniques of Meditation, both of them derived from Eastern sources, which are gentle and easy to practice. Once a person has begun to practice Meditation I am available to answer any questions that might arise, and help with any followup issues. I do not charge for teaching either of the techniques. If I consider it useful for any particular patient to take up a meditation practice then a technique is included as part of the treatment.

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