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I grew up in the Far East and Hong Kong. As a boy I would often wander through the back streets of the city taking in the extraordinary sights, sounds and smells of the vibrant Chinese culture, fascinated by the many herbal shops and acupuncture stalls which were an integral part of the community there. Gazing up at the amazing collections of herbs and roots hanging from ceilings, and peering through murky windows at people having acupuncture. I began to develop a curiosity about the Oriental approach to Health.

Later years took me to Australia and, after working there for a while I returned to this country and subsequently studied Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead.

Much of my approach to Acupuncture draws upon my own life experience, as well as from the differing theories of TCM, the Five Elements Model, and the Stems and Branches constitutional approach to Acupuncture - all of which I have been trained in. The last does, upon occasion, permit a treatment of a patient on a very profound, energetic level. In their treatment therefore, patients can expect to receive the benefit of one or more of these three systems of Acupuncture, as may be appropriate.

I have also spent considerable time over the last twenty years making Meditation an integral and essential part of my life and Acupuncture practice. Experience has convinced me that the best treatments flow organically from a mind that has been trained to inner silence, which allows a diagnosis to emerge which is unimpeded by mental chatter and personal preference.There is a special wisdom in the Stillness within us all which, if permitted to find expression, can make profound transformation possible. It is from this space of silence that Acupuncture can sometimes have effects far beyond the physical and material.

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